Born 1951 in Birmingham, Alabama

Life-long resident of Jefferson County, growing up in the Woodlawn community

Resides in the Clay/Trussville area

Married to Dianna Gilmore for 45 years

Three grown sons and eight grandchildren

Law Enforcement for 42 years beginning at the Homewood Police Department in 1973. Transferred to the Sheriff’s Office in 1976. As a Captain, he had commanded every division of the Sheriff’s Office

Elected Sheriff in 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014

Graduate of University of Alabama at Birmingham with BS in Criminal Justice

Graduate of the National Sheriffs’ Institute

Graduate of the FBI National Academy

Graduate of the FBI National Executive Institute

Former Chief of Police of the City of Pell City, Alabama

Former Manager of Security of St. Vincent’s Hospital

Past President, Alabama Sheriffs Association

Chairman of the Board, Alabama Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches

Member, Major County Sheriffs’ Association

Board Member, National Sheriffs’ Association

Member, First Baptist Church Trussville

A few accomplishments:

Successfully fought to strengthen and change State Law to a felony crime when Convicted Sex Offenders violate the State Registry Laws giving Alabama the strongest law in the country in relation to convicted sex offenders. Sheriff Hale created an Identity Theft Unit and Computer Forensics Unit both of which were the first of their kind in our region. Sheriff Hale led the way back in 1999 when he created the Sheriff’s Office School Resource Division for County Schools to fight Domestic Terrorism. This was pre-Columbine and that Division has since been named a National Model for Law Enforcement Agencies across the country. Sheriff Hale is a charter member of the area Joint Terrorism Task Force led by the F.B.I. Sheriff Hale also serves as Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee.

In December of 1982, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office entered a consent decree with the United States Department of Justice related to the hiring and promotion of African-Americans and females.   Almost thirty-five years later, in March of 2017, a federal judge released the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office from almost all of the provisions of that consent decree.  The judge determined that under Sheriff Mike Hale, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office’s hiring and promotional practices had been fair and that they did not discriminate against African-Americans or females.  Today’s Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office looks like the community it serves, and the judge complimented Sheriff Hale on his commitment to diversity and compliance with federal law.  The numbers speak for themselves:  nearly 30% of the deputy sheriffs are African-American; nearly 20% of the deputy sheriffs are female; over a third of the officers are African American.


In October of 2015, Sheriff Mike Hale moved forward with a vision to integrate law enforcement intelligence amongst the area law enforcement agencies. Sheriff Hale started construction on the Metro Area Crime Center in the Spring of 2016. On October 26, 2016, the Metro Area Crime Center (MACC) opened and the vision became a reality. The Metro Area Crime Center has 13 different agencies staffing a work center that allows them to share information about suspects and crime trends on a daily basis. In addition, the MACC is a law enforcement resource for any agency in the state that needs assistance with difficult investigations. MACC investigators use state of the art technology and software to assist in solving difficult cases. In addition, the MACC has a video center that is staffed 24/7/365 to prevent and reduce crime through the use of deployable Mobile Surveillance Platforms (camera trailers). The MACC is bringing crime fighting into the modern age and revolutionizing how law enforcement agencies fight crime.