I committed to you when elected that I would keep your neighborhood and schools safe, and I will. Although that is a tall order in a county covering 1160 square miles, and a population of nearly 1 million people, I am up to the challenge.

To keep our streets safe and our jails secure I have put more deputies back on the street and added increased supervision in our two jails. I will take advantage of trained, qualified, volunteers wherever feasible; like in our Chaplains Program and our Sheriff’s Reserves. I will be a wise steward of your tax dollars.

I have committed personnel to a Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force to recognize, identify, and prevent terrorist acts like we saw in NYC on 9/11 from occurring in Jefferson County.

I have aggressively sought and received Federal Grant money to increase our School Resource Division by 10 deputies, so incidents like we saw at Columbine do not happen in our county.

I have put great emphasis on registering and identifying convicted sex offenders that may re-locate in our county. It is my responsibility to notify citizens in unincorporated Jefferson County when a convicted sex offender moves into their neighborhood. I will not fail you.

Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in our county. That is why I have created an Identity Theft Unit to combat this devastating crime that takes some victims years to recover from financially.